Sunday, May 1, 2011


I know my blog is dead because i dont update any post lately.sry okayy :D exam is over right now! hooray!we are so happy and overjoyed bcoz holiday is started from NOW!hehe should plan some good idea to enjoy our valuable holiday,arent we?^^im QUITE satisfy of the results of my exam paper.i wanna watch ''the smurfs'' with my fren during the holiday,OFCOZ nt forget to shopping,too! :D and lastly,i wanna thanks someone who called [jieyiin].thank you,dear.its too hard for me to endure all the hurts they did to me,and all of tat make my life looks nt happy,at tryin to set myself free,keep away to think abt everything abt them,but i jz cant do finally,i found you to solve this suckign problem,and everything is jz like the waterfall when the conversation between me and u started,comes out from my brain without hesitating,jz wanna tell n share all the painful feelings wit encourage me to stand up again,watch everything wit a positive thinking,and kepp wanting me to CHEER CHEER CHEER!:D you're very kind and honest,iloveyou always and forever.(: im just thinking tat,sometimes,friends can come more precious than,our heart can't live without FRIEND.

Life is too short to cry for anything.So,be happy. (:

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this is a special post for a girl who called kaye.
sry tat my comp cant type in chinese words,so im forced to write in english language.
after i saw the blog post tat you've mentioned me in it,i was really surprised and..............very happy:D
thank you for putting me as your best friend,
as what you write on your post,we'll be best fren forever!
i hope tat i could be your best fren forever until the end of the world,
like the fairy tales in the story books,
and help you when you need me`
cheer you when you're upset`
be with you as long as before when we're still good fren in the life of primary skul.
all the bad memories between me and you,i have totally forgotten all of them.
hope you're the same too.(:
just rememeber:
-tell me when you get hurts and very need a good listener beside of you
-find me when you get trouble or when you're lonely
-im always for you. ((;

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Ryan Hreljac: 6 Year Olds $70 Turns $1 Million
Back in 1998, Ryan Hreljac was a 6-year-old Canadian first grader. Like many first graders he heard about kids dying because they didnt have clean water to drink. He also heard that some kids his age had to walk 6 or 7 kilometers to get a drink of water before going to school. He was beside himself with grief. However, the story didnt stop there.
Instead of hearing this terrible tale and going outside to play, Ryan got busy raising money. After convincing his skeptical parents that he really intended to do something to help, he got busy. In fact, he got real busy for four months doing all kinds of extra chores around his house so he could earn enough money to build a well at a school in Uganda. After working for that long he learned that his $70 would only pay for the pump handle to go on top of the well. He actually needed $2000 for the whole well.
Unstopped, he raised the money. His well was finally built in 1999 and to this day those hard-earned first $70 continue to provide fresh clean water to thousands of people.
Ryan didnt stop with one well. He ended up creating a Foundation that has raised over a million dollars to provide clean water and healthy sanitation to people who previously didnt have such a luxury. Since that first well, Ryan has been tirelessly dedicated to the Foundation (Ryans Well) and its work. Hes developed speaking skills so that he can travel all over the world raising money and awareness of the need for clean water throughout the world.
Ryans family has been very supportive of his efforts to help those impacted by the global water and sanitation crisis and to empower others to get involved. His African pen pal Jimmy Akana, who met Ryan on his first trip to Uganda, is now a member of the Hreljac family. He also makes presentations around the world on behalf of the Foundation.

(well im just coping down the notes from a web and i want you all to know abt this story and how terrific he was(: i hope the world can be the same like ryan,to help those african's peoples,bcoz love=peace)

And now,he is about a 19 years old guy,a handsome guy with an earnest and helpful heart.

Be good to everyone who live around you.and be appreciate what you have.dont waste especially FOOD!and water.for those brainless and funny girls,DONT EVER SAY YOU WANT TO DIET!
you can do so,if you dont waste the food.
you won't ever know how the other side of ppl need those things tat we use everyday so badly.
it's a kind of dreadful difference.
we shouldn't take it as an ignorant or normal of thing.
share your love,and world would be peace
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today is thursday...a shiny day which full of sunshine...wth the weather is too hot!!i was like a ice which going to melt and chg into water...hmm...what to say...feel like blog was like after 2 weeks only hav a new post.anyway, nth chg,lol.everything seems so normal and nt goin to chg abt.haiz,i feel so bored with my current is really hurts when you want something badly,someone've come out and stop you to do so.but plsss,dont stop me to a dreamer,we should dare to dream ,and dare to pursue.i hope so badly tat i could bek to my dancing life.i miss the poses,the steps,and the songs.just do sumthing you like and love.Yea,i love to dance so so much.plsss,anyone could help me and bring me bek to the dancing world?it would be the nicest and happiest place.recently get sick--fever,cough.the whole body feel hot,my bones feel pain and my brain is suffering.but anyway,now i'm nth and feel good & healthy.thx for those who text me and giv me some im very well,and i do really appreciate^^i suppose this is what a good friend should do,doesn't it? (:

Be Confident!
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My New Name :D
hello peeps!i guess i've a long time din cum to here
here is a new post again :D
WELL,know what's my new name?
start from now,my name is Ysabelle Radcliffe
yeah!my love--daniel radcliffe
i dream him every night :D
tat was hilarious,im totally insane :D
exam is around the corner,
all my friends and buddies,is time to do revision !
good luck everyone :)
gonna watch the complete works of Harry Potter
im blur about the previous episode of Harry Potter
so i decided to watch the complete works of Harry Potter again.


Don't look at me,do your revision now!
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I LOVE DANIEL RADCLIFFE --- are mine Dan =')
but....someone called Laura O'toole....
this is the weirdest name i ever heard in my entire life ..
she .. is .. Dan's .. Girlfriend ! :(
i was .. so sad you know.
can you see it with your eyes ?
he's so awesome!
my dream boy!
i swear i'll go to England to see you,Dan !
wait for me,my baby <33 br="">

You see..... both of them.. :((
Nvm,its okayy.
But Dan you're always in my heart !
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I'm soo sorry if my action has make you felt so suprised and.....insaned??
haha anyway this's becoz im friendly xDD
SO,HI everyone ! :D

便把你 扔到一边去.
有些聪明人却懂得看钻石 一眼望去,
便把你 拾了起来.
不同的处境 你会遇到不一样的人.
希望你会懂得珍惜 你身边的每一颗钻石. (: